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Abby Kass

reviewer image showing how large the packing cube is before it's been compressed

reviewer showing how small the packing cube is after it's been compressed

A BuzzFeeder's bulky clothes in a sealed bag with text:

The BuzzFeeder's same clothes now vacuum-sealed with text:

lock on door

how to guide for door lock

reviewer photo of them using the light around their neck, showing how it only lights up the book in their hands

reviewer photo of their pink neck light on a book

makeup inside grey case

Reviewer wearing black flexible cap with small plastic visor on their head

Model pouring water on another model's head while wearing the hairbrella, then taking it off to show hair perfectly styled and dried

model showing the hood attached to the inside of a trench coat

the model with a jacket open, showing how the hood goes under the arms to attach it

the rectangle power bank in black with cord and mesh pouch sitting next to it

hand holding the balm

person applying the balm to the back of their ankle

model holding the anti-chafe stick to their inner thigh

The white charger pad laid out to charge a phone, watch, and AirPods

Reviewer pulling out the black version from its compact size all the way out to the three part mat

the ear planes packaging

reviewer pic on an airplane with the earplugs in

A reviewer wearing the gray anti-nausea wristband

Another angle of the wristband on the reviewer's wrist

the AirFly Pro plugged into a screen on a plane

reviewer image of the orange laundry soap sheets

reviewer holding the case with their phone in it next to the water

the small circular noise machine attached to the handle of a suitcase

the black roll-top bag

reviewer image of the cup holder attached to a suitcase with a Starbucks drink in it

the small pouch attached to the side of a bra

the same pouch now attached to the middle of a bra

reviewer photos of the luggage scale reading 40.56 pounds and the airport scale reading 40.5 pounds

Reviewer photo of the power converter

reviewer image of the shoe bag in pink, filled with shoes

reviewer image showing the show bag open with a pair of sneakers and two pairs of flip flops in it

A small white faux leather pouch with a black skyline print surrounded by a mix of travel-sized toiletries and on-the-go essentials

model wearing a gray trtl pillow while sleeping on a plane

reviewer image of the compression socks

Reviewer photo of the jewelry case with various pieces inside

Same reviewer showing the other side of the organizer that holds necklaces

reviewer image of the pill organizer in green, full of different pills

Reviewer holding their pill organizer filled with pills and with the compartments labeled

Same reviewer holding their closed pill organizer

reviewer photo of the phone mount attached to their stowed away tray table

same reviewer's photo of the phone mount attached to their folded down tray table

Model sliding black cover over a tray, which hangs with pockets the model puts a snack, laptop, and other devices into

Reviewer image of tray with a pocket on it holding all their stuff

reviewer image of the black bag with a zipper and illustration of clothes on the front

the same reviewer showing what the bag looks like when it's open

rectangle-shaped charging port with spaces for six usbs to be plugged into the front

reviewer image of the charging port charging a variety of devices

small purple ring holder with twist-on lid

hand pulls out same capsules all stacked together in a white color from cosmetics bag

blue and white mini capsules filled with skin creams, vitamins, and jewelry

a model rolling a suitcase with the the luggage tag holding a wide-brim hat attached

a gif of a model attaching the luggage tag to a tote and clipping a wide--brim hat to the luggage tag

reviewer taking selfie in front of square illuminated travel mirror

GIF of Jasmin in a sun-filled room putting the mask on

Jasmin holding the eye mask to show the contoured eye cups

reviewer image of a pink and white case protecting two makeup brushes

reviewer image showing closeup of the silicone makeup brush cover

reviewer image of the portable lock box in white

reviewer showing the inside of the lock box and how a wallet easily fits inside

atomizer pumping on a perfume bottle

Reviewer's child sleeping on the gray mattress and watching tv

Reviewer's child watching tablet in the travel bed

Reviewer's photo of the carrying bag for the mattress


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If You'd Call Yourself An Expert Traveler, You Should Have These 41 Products Pack In Your Bag
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41 Products Expert Travelers Pack In Their Bags

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The Description

Including a neck pillow one reviewer said, "is the greatest thing invented since chicken and biscuits."

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